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  • Preparation suggestions and all information you need
  • Printable shopping lists
  • Light exercises and breathing techniques
  • Bonus juice, extra recipes & post detox protocol
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Once you have joined you will get all the information you need to start cleaning up your lifestyle. This will make the 3 Day Detox so much easier and more beneficial to you.


Your body can become extremely toxic even when you take care to limit toxins. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat are all exposed to toxins. When you live a fast-paced life, full of stressful and sedentary habits, your body cannot eliminate these toxins efficiently. Some Benefits of the 3 day detox include:

  • Boosts energy
  • Clear thoughts & less mood swings
  • Better sleep
  • Stronger constitution
  • Possible weight loss but definitely a lighter feeling
  • Reduces bloating & congestion
  • Less food cravings
  • Time out from habit of unhealthy eating
  • Restores motivation
  • Balances blood sugar levels
  • Aids the body to do its natural detoxification process
  • Greater resilience and immunity
  • Helps you feel your best

What People Say ABOUT THE
3 Day DETOX…


Singapore, 35

Here’s my 2 cents worth for the amazing value of your juice coaching week.

Day 1: Impossible. I can’t do this!
Day 3: Oh, I’m alive.
Day 5: I’m liking this (did I just say that?)
Day 7: I feel light and not bloated anymore! Can I try with beets too?
Day 9: Did I lose those kilos in just 9 days??
Day 10: (to my friends) Hey, have you tried juice fasting?



USA, 22

 “I had just returned from a three week holiday of overindulgence when I decided to give Jane’s program a try. I was feeling bloated, fatigued in the gym and at work, and my skin was experiencing the worst breakout I had had in months. Needless to say, this program is wonderful! Not only did I feel leaner, but my energy levels actually improved and my skin cleared right up! I also slept better, which is a constant struggle of mine. This detox is simple, yet effective, and Jane is there for you every step of the way.”



India/Germany, 39

I would definitely recommend the cleanse for those who want to press the reset button on their food intake and see a significant difference in their energy levels and know they are feeding their body with the nutrients it needs, at least for three days straight. The morning Cayenne pepper and fresh lime combo was my highlight. I would be tempted to go on a longer cleanse in the future.



I am an Integrative Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Educator who helps clients make healthy lifestyle choices. I motivate and educate individuals to make small but long-lasting transformational changes to feel their best. Through small changes in everyday lifestyle your body, mind and spirit have the capacity to achieve a higher level of health and happiness. REVIVE will show you that a few simple actions, may make a dramatic difference to your health, your energy and your outlook.

I am a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (NYC), earned a Degree in Physical and Health Education (UWA), Graduate Diploma in Education (UWA) and hold certificates in Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage from The Indian Ocean Institute of Complementary Medicine.

More recently I earned a Diploma in The Science of Well-being (Yale University). It has been a life long passion to study and keep learning in my chosen field.

“Growing older is inevitable but ageing with pain, fogginess and suffering is not. REVIVE offers you practical, easy and scientifically based ways to enhance your health and happiness, no matter your age. Come on a journey with us to revitalise your health, renew your energy and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. REVIVE offers you a safe and nurturing environment.”