About ME

I am an Integrative Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Educator who helps clients make healthy lifestyle choices. I motivate and educate individuals to make small but long-lasting transformational changes to feel their best. Through small changes in everyday lifestyle your body, mind and spirit have the capacity to achieve a higher level of health and happiness. REVIVE will show you that a few simple actions, may make a dramatic difference to your health, your energy and your outlook.

I am a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (NYC), earned a Degree in Physical and Health Education (UWA), Graduate Diploma in Education (UWA) and hold certificates in Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage from The Indian Ocean Institute of Complementary Medicine.

More recently I earned a Diploma in The Science of Well-being (Yale University). It has been a life long passion to study and keep learning in my chosen field.

My Philosophy

Having been in the health and wellness industry for over 3 decades and spent years travelling the world researching various cultures, looking at health practices and lifestyles, I have moulded my unique philosophy of health and happiness. I have managed some of the top health retreats on the east and west coasts of Australia, created my own retreats in Perth, Australia, Yallingup and Margaret River, Australia, and Bali, Indonesia. Now with a following of individual clients, I am putting my programs online so you can get access to all the benefits in the comfort of your own home. You will see that small changes do have big results!

REVIVE’S programs will guide your health and happiness
to a higher level, just as if you have a personal integrative
nutritionist and lifestyle coach in your own home.