Frequently Asked Questions

What can I drink and eat during the fasting window?

Water, water and more water!!! A little coffee, black tea, green tea, herbal tea – no sweetener, no milk.
Black coffee – really? This really depends on your unique response to coffee. If it makes you jittery and nervous then take it slowly. No more than 2 cups as you don’t want to be overstimulated. Some individuals should not drink coffee at all on a fast.

Can I take my supplements while fasting?

Yes. It is more beneficial to take supplements in your eating window, especially fat-soluble vitamins.

Will fasting slow down my metabolism?

No. Studies show that I.F. actually boosts metabolism.

What if I DON'T want to lose weight?

Your body’s process of taking nutrients out of food becomes more efficient with I.F. You may find that you have a reduction in the number of calories your body needs as a result of I.F. Be conscious of what you eat and how much you eat. A few snacks in your eating window can help. Eat healthy foods until you are full and stop eating in your fasting window.

What happens when I feel hungry?

Hunger comes in waves. You will feel these the strongest around your normal meal times. Ghrelin (the hunger hormone) will activate when the stomach is empty and expecting food.
Drink 1-2 cups of water and hopefully the hungry feeling will disappear in a few minutes. Remember that your body and mind will get used to this if you give it a go.

It is also important what you eat leading into a fast. It is recommended to eat food that satiates you a little more. A high fibre meal, healthy fats and a little protein. It will stop those hunger grumbles for longer.

Is I.F. harder as you get older?

Sometimes at the beginning. Your body may have accumulated more toxins, more damaged cells and more dysfunction over time. This doesn’t mean it will not be beneficial. It just may take a little longer to build up to a 16 hour fasting window. You can do it!!!

Why skip breakfast?

It is easier to incorporate the fasting time of sleeping into your 16 hour fasting window. If you eat healthy food for the rest of the day then it is a great protocol. If breakfast is your favourite meal then eat it at the beginning of your eating window, whatever time that may be.

Can I exercise while fasting?

Yes. Your workout will be more beneficial in your fasted state. It will stimulate your nervous system and the process of autophagy.

If you don’t exercise on a regular basis, it is still a good idea to start light movement with this protocol. Walk around your neighbourhood. Walk up stairs. Walk on a treadmill or ride the bike at the gym.

The aim is to move in order to decrease inflammation, improve circulation and get those feel-good hormones stimulated (dopamine/endorphins).

What if I want to lose weight?

I.F is a great way to do it. You must be conscious of what you eat in your eating window. Eat a small meal to break your fast after 16 hours, then don’t snack until your next meal hopefully near the end of your 8 hour eating window.

What if I am on medication?

Please consult your preferred health professional. I.F is not normally a problem when taking some medication but it can be an issue with certain prescriptions.

When do I break my fast?

I.F is a lifestyle choice. Usually most people can incorporate this into their daily commitments. If you have symptoms that are uncomfortable and will not disappear with water, rest and eating at the appropriate time then consider ending the fast. There is nothing wrong with ending your fast early one day and continuing on the next day. There are other fasting methods that may suit you better. With each day your body and mind will get stronger and more resilient and I.F. will get easier.

Who shouldn’t fast?

People with medical conditions should consult their preferred medical practitioner before beginning any fasting program.
You may be at risk from fasting and require supervision if you are :

  1. breast feeding
  2. pregnant
  3. trying to conceive
  4. diabetic
  5. on medication
  6. underweight
  7. experiencing any eating disorders
  8. under 18 years of age needs advice from your desired health practitioner.

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