What our clients say?

Here’s my 2 cents worth for the amazing value of your juice coaching week.
Day 1: Impossible. I can’t do this!
Day 3: Oh, I’m alive.
Day 5: I’m liking this (did I just say that?)
Day 7: I feel light and not bloated anymore! Can I try with beets too?
Day 9: Did I lose those kilos in just 9 days??
Day 10: (to my friends) Hey, have you tried juice fasting?
Best part: Jane was with me every step of the way. She took me by the hand and listened carefully to my needs and payed attention to my health. She crafted a balanced routine that suited my profile without disrupting my life, and followed up closely on each of the phases. And she made it fun for me. Thanks Jane!!

Ro, Dominican Republic, 48

7 Day Juice Journey

When I came to Jane, my foot was in a boot because of pain that nobody could really diagnose. I have regular stomach cramps and terrible allergies and my work and travel schedule was insane. Consequently, I hadn’t really had time to deal with any of it – and to be honest, that is kind of my standard procedure – just tough it out and it will go away. I also knew it was probably complicated by the mild form of muscular dystrophy that I have. It really isn’t fun to summarize such a litany of woes, but Jane was able to listen deeply and compassionately and then get right to work and sort out how to proceed.
Together we decided that Jane would fast track me on an elimination program and then she worked with me, both in person and remotely, as my schedule demanded. She customized the program so I would not be greatly inconvenienced when I was in places where certain elimination items might be challenging. And then I started! The first days I had to keep a creative mindset about what I could eat, but Jane helped with suggestions. I felt better after a week and much better after 3 weeks. My allergies decreased and I was sleeping better. My stomach cramps were gone. I learned that I am allergic to red wine and that dairy was causing my stomach cramps. As a side bonus, the attention I paid to myself during those weeks encouraged me to start meditating with my husband in the mornings, which settled my mind and helped me start the day in a positive frame of mind.
I did “fall off the wagon” once or twice. Since I had given up red wine, I had a scotch with my father when I visited him. I was really proud of my creative substitution until Jane pointed that scotch was on the list of things I should be avoiding! Oops! We had a good laugh….
I think the combination of Jane’s ability to listen deeply to what was going on in my life and with my body, her willingness to work with what worked for me, and her great sense of humor made this a transformational experience for me. Two years on, I am diary free and avoid gluten and red wine. My life hasn’t slowed down, but I am better about remembering to take care of myself!
Kelly, USA, 42

Autoimmune Elimination Program

In June, 2018, I was the heaviest I have ever been with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and needed to make some changes. So July 1, I started my new lifestyle changes. I met with Jane and discussed the benefits of juicing and started a 3 day juice cleanse every month. I started eating low carbohydrates, elimiated refined sugars and limited fats in my diet. I increased protiens and fresh vegetable and fruit. Also I started walking every morning and slowly introduced gym work.
For me juicing had 3 advantages :
1. Great way to start each month and continue to keep me focused.
2. Helped kick start weight loss when I plateaued.
3. When I ate too much of the wrong foods it was a great cleanse and a way for me to get back on track.
Having people like Jane to support and encouragement has made the changes easier.
So now 12 months since I started. I feel healthier, blood pressure and cholesterol are within healthy range and on my way to my ideal weight. I feel that this lifestyle is here to stay.
Cathy, Australia,45

Juice Fast

I’ve never been interested in juice cleanses nevertheless was intrigued to try one out and see what all the hype was about. Having known Jane for many years I bit the bullet and decided to do a 3 day cleanse.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the cleanse for those who want to press the reset button on their food intake and see a significant difference in their energy levels and know they are feeding their body with the nutrients it needs, at least for three days straight. The morning Cayenne pepper and fresh lime combo was my highlight. I would be tempted to go on a longer cleanse in the future, However, it restricts my social freedom!

3 Day Detox

Clinton, India/German, 39

Review from a sceptic. I tried Revive’s Intermittent Fasting Program. I didn’t want to be told what food to eat so I opted for Time Restricted Eating so I could eat the food I liked in the time permitted. This has now become part of my life and I have been practising this most days for 3 months. I have lost weight (I didn’t think I needed to lose weight but feel great for a few kilos less). My skin has cleared up, my moods have settled and become more stable, most of all my blood sugar is within normal range. I feel fantastic! It has really changed my life. I will keep this going a few times a week. Thanks Jane.
Nini, Indonesia, 42

Intermittent Fasting

Leaner, taller, faster, congestion free and relief from itchy skin.
Jan, Australia, 63

Autoimmune Elimination Program

I have only done one juice fast before which was for 2 days, the thought of 7 days was daunting!.
With your help and support I gave it a go and was able to get through what turned out to be easier than I ever imagined.
The results are fantastic and almost unbelievable, I am re-energised and feel re-invigorated.
I sleep better and wake up refreshed and do not feel tired at the end of the day which I previously thought was simply a part of getting older.
Thanks again for navigating me through the process and exposing me to the benefits of fasting, I will make fasting a part of my life from now on!
I look forward to receiving updates from your website.
Joe, Australia, 64

7 Day Juice Journey

This program was interesting for me basically because it slowed me down and made me conscious of what I was eating.
I was full of food – yummy food, and interested to see how I would feel. The light exercise and breathing techniques were an added bonus.
I was clear headed, energetic and enthusiastic to see how the next day would evolve.
I stayed on the 3 Day Detox for 5 days as I was feeling so well.
Give it a go and see how you feel.
Sarah, Singapore, 35

3 Day Detox

This was very new to me and a bit strange. I had suffered severe hay-fever all my life and skin irritations (winter eczema) which when it flared up drove me crazy. The effect was immediate. Eliminating these foods diminished all my symptoms. Then I had to reintroduce the foods, one by one, to see which food or foods triggered my symptoms. This was immediate also. My symptoms came back straight away with particular food groups. It was so obvious!!! Now I have a choice – eat the food and suffer, or don’t. 90% of the time I don’t eat the trigger foods and life is much smoother, no allergies!!! more energy, clearer thinking, clearer skin, no aches and pains in the morning before I start moving, less bloating and not thinking about food all the time!!!
Claudine, Australia, 59,

Autoimmune Elimination Program

I had just returned from a three week holiday of overindulgence when I decided to give Jane’s program a try. I was feeling bloated, fatigued in the gym and at work, and my skin was experiencing the worst breakout I had had in months. Needless to say, this program is wonderful! Not only did I feel leaner, but my energy levels actually improved and my skin cleared right up! I also slept better, which is a constant struggle of mine. This detox is simple, yet effective, and Jane is there for you every step of the way.”
Rachel, 22, USA,

3-Day Detox

I want to share with you the amazing results I got from doing your Elimination Program.
I have always thought I had some allergies or reactions to certain foods specifically mucus build up in my throat and snoring resulting in disturbed sleep. I was unsure which foods specifically caused my complaints and thought maybe my reactions were normal and how everyone reacted to them so I just put up with it as part of life.
I have also had a stiff neck which my orthopedic surgeon told me was in part due to inflammation and he prescribed anti inflammatory pills to ease the pain and was suggesting surgery in the future.
I was greatly interested in your programme as it mentioned the role of various foods in causing inflammation and I wanted to see how I may have been affected.
I followed your programme eliminating some foods and then reintroducing them one by one to see what was my reaction to specific foods.
It was so simple the way you presented it yet the results were so profound. I found I had major reactions to both dairy and gluten,
I found that these foods cause me to produce significant mucus and make me have to clear my throat frequently which I have done pretty much all my life. Once I stay off these foods my throat is clear, I sleep better and I have no mucus build up which is fantastic. I find the need for me to constantly clear my throat has disappeared
The most amazing part however was my neck pain! Whilst the underlying structural damage is still there the inflammation in my neck is gone as is the constant pain it caused and I can move more freely. This one result has been life changing for me and everyone around me.
It is sometimes difficult to stay off these foods completely as I travel a lot and get out of routine. Now that I know what the consequences will be if I eat these foods, I really make the effort not to eat them.
Thanks so much for your support on this amazing journey.
It was so simple the way you presented it yet the results were so profound. I found I had major reactions to some foods.
Robert, Australia, 55

Autoimmune Elimination Program